My next solo show will be at DaVinci Art Alliance (704 Catharine Street Philadelphia PA 19147) November 7 through 28, 2018 (opening event is Nov 9, 5 to 8), and is called 'Solid Universe Theory'.

The name comes from an idea explored in a short story by writer Cixin Liu, about beings in another universe coming to an understanding that their theory of reality is entirely wrong -- that the solidity they see all around them is not infinite, but exactly the opposite. I read the story as a metaphor for many things, not least of which is the experience of meaning making in a time where things in the world around us seem suddenly and radically different to the past. But it is applicable at the personal level as well, as a metaphor for the ‘solid universe’ encountered any time one approaches a canvas (or any material we use in creating) and how you transform it with your own unique physics.

Past Events:

Delaware Contemporary: Group show, June through August 2017.

Jed Williams Gallery: Solo show, called The Binding Problem, in February 2017.

The Plastic Club: Group show, summer 2016.

DaVinci Art Alliance: Group show and curated show, summer 2016.

While living in Seattle from 2001 to 2008, I showed my work in solo shows and in group exhibitions at a range of galleries and spaces, including: Forgotten Works, Artists Gallery, Oasis Art Gallery, Art/NOT Terminal, Arts West, Gallery 6311, Queen Hotel Studios, Patricia Cameron Gallery, and the PONCHO Art Auction. I was represented by Oasis Art Gallery from 2005 to 2009.